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STANDART FREN is a well organized trading company specially dealing with sales and marketing of FRICTION MATERIALS in Turkey and in other countries around the world. Being established by the executives of former ERKA in 2003, STANDART FREN has taken over the tradition and experience of ERKA which had been developed since 1953. It is this knowledge and backlog of 50 years that makes STANDART FREN the most qualified marketing specialist in Turkish Friction Market.

From 1953 to 2003, during ownership of Kurtkaya family, ERKA was the most experienced and capable manufacturer of Friction Materials in Turkey. In 2003, Kurtkaya family sold production facilities of ERKA to a group of investors, and founded STANDART FREN with the join of former ERKA executives in the same year.

Signing a sales and marketing agreement with the new owners of ERKA in 2003, STANDART FREN carried out the sales activity of ERKA branded Friction Materials in Turkey and in export markets exclusively until the end of 2007. During the term of that 5 years, STANDART FREN operated very successful marketing projects and realised the largest turnovers in Turkish Friction Market. Also during that 5 years time, STANDART FREN continued to meet the requirements of the clients from traditional export markets of former ERKA.

After expiration of the agreement for exclusive sales of ERKA materials at the end of 2007, STANDART FREN has now the possibility of offering friction materials of world famous manufacturers who have production in up-to-date quality norms. With its new vision and projects, STANDART FREN is now more efficient and competent distributor of Friction Products in Turkey and in Middle East region.

The main feature of STANDART FREN is that of being able to supply friction materials almost for all applications where brake or clutch is needed.

STANDART FREN has an extensive range of Commercial Brake Linings with most suitable qualities which have all been developed with latest technologies on friction materials.

STANDART FREN also offers CV Disc Brake Pads for popular European trucks, trailers and buses with an improving product range.

STANDART FREN is also a well known supplier of Flexible Moulded Roll Linings and Woven Moulded Roll Linings, each of them having an incomparable product quality and performance.

STANDART FREN has always been a reliable supplier for Clutch Facings as well. Product range includes clutch facings for all on-road and off-road vehicles with appropriate friction-duty levels according to application.

Quality of marketing service of STANDART FREN is the reflection of experience of more than 50 years in Friction business.


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