Standart Fren

STANDART FREN is the most reliable supplier of Friction Materials to Turkish Friction Market distributing high quality of materials produced by the world famous manufacturers. Friction materials supplied by STANDART FREN are well accepted in the martket because of the features of their;

• High quality norms
• Safety & performance
• Braking comfort
• Long service life

Friction materials supplied by STANDART FREN are in a rich variety of different friction coefficients depending on the material and operation conditions. They are derived from many different formulations in up-to-date quality norms. All types of friction materials supplied by STANDART FREN are carefully selected considering the road and climate conditions of the regions and also according to the type of vehicle, its brake system, specific power, load types and braking characteristics, etc. Having been able to get the advantages of wide R&D works of its manufacturers, STANDART FREN has a distinguished place among many other suppliers of friction materials.

For us, safety is the most important factor on road, and reliable brake efficiency is an essential requirement. This makes us to commit ourselves to highest friction material quality. Today STANDART FREN supplies the materials produced by compenent manufacturers which have perfect quality systems which applies all works during production of each piece.



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